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Al Qassim derived from the word "Qassimah" (Arabic: قصيمة), a reference to قصائم الغضا, meaning the region's sand dunes from which the white saxaul trees grow.

Al-Qassim region is located in the center of the Kingdom within the Najd Plateau, which makes it occupy a prominent position in terms of trade, agriculture and population. It is penetrated by Wadi Al-Rumah, the longest valley in the Arabian Peninsula. Its area is about 73,000 square kilometers and represents about 3.2% of the total area of the Kingdom. The Qassim region is connected to the regions of Riyadh, Medina and Hail by a network of high-quality land highways and services. It also has Prince Nayef International Airport, which is in the middle of the region and from which many international and domestic flights depart, in addition to the Saar train station. The region also provides integrated health care from hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health or affiliated with the military sectors that provide treatment services to citizens, expatriates, and visitors to the region.


Qassim is one of the administrative regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its emirate is based in the city of Buraidah. It is characterized by the availability of groundwater and supplies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the finest types of dates and vegetables. Its most important cities are Buraidah, Unayzah, Al-Rass, Al-Mithnab, Al-Bukayriyah, Al-Bada'i, Al-Mudhann, Al-Khubara, Riyadh Al-Khubara, Al-Asiyah, Uqlat Al-Suqour, Dhariya, Uyun Al-Jawa, and others.

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