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Privacy Policy

This policy provides an explanation of the rights and obligations of the University website, its affiliates and its users. Qassim University is committed to protecting and ensuring your privacy. Our policy outlines our practice of handling your personal information regarding data, whether online or on computers only. If you provide us with any personal information, we will treat it in accordance with this policy. 


Data Collection: 

The type and amount of data received by Qassim University depends on how the users of the University site handle it. The user can access most of the pages of the site without declaring his identity, or disclosing any personal data. Qassim University does not collect, through its website, any data that can identify the user, such as: name, address, phone number, or email address unless the user decides to provide such data as when requesting a service, applying for advertised jobs, registering in workshops or forums; if such data are requested, we will explain their purpose as requested. 

The personal data provided by the user through the Qassim University website will remain confidential and will be stored securely only for the period required for the purpose for which it was provided. Information provided by the user will only be provided to third parties with the permission of the user.  


A cookie is a text-only information that is transmitted by the website to the hard drive of the user's computer so that the website can identify him / her.  

This file is used only for several technical purposes, such as identifying you when you visit the site again, follow your current session in the site and navigate between its pages. It is not our goal to use it for any other purposes unless a legal and formal request is made. 

We remind you that you can reset your browser to refuse cookies, or ask you before accepting a cookie; however, you may lose some of the features or services of the site as a result. 


Please note that there are many links on Qassim University website that you may link to other non-QU sites (not within the domain: qu.edu.sa). These sites do not operate in accordance with the privacy policy of the Qassim University website. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of these sites before disclosing any personal information indicating the owner. 


Website Changes and Disclaimer: 

The University reserves the right to change the information in the Website at any time without prior notice. Although we do our best to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or provide any warranties of any kind with respect to the Website or its contents (including any text, graphics, advertising, links, etc.). 

 In addition, the University makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the absence of viruses or defects in the materials on the website, or the provision of these materials without interruption or without errors. 

Changes to this policy: 

In order to maintain this site and provide and develop services in the future, Qassim University may change the provisions of this policy from time to time; if such changes are made, they will be displayed on this page for the user to be aware of. The user's continued use of Qassim University Website on the basis of the information in this Privacy Policy shall be in accordance with the amendment. 

Publishing policies on the sites of the faculty members and on the sites of the different units in the University: 

All internal websites of the University, whether faculty, college or any internal units of the University, are subject to the publishing policies based on the University's website; the publishing entity assumes all responsibility for the published content. 

All ideas, opinions and content posted on the faculty websites are under the full control of the faculty member and he/she bears full responsibility, and do not represent the University in any way.